Monday, 8 December 2014

My Cult Eyebrushes

With Christmas and the festive season here I really get into eye-shadow with the more gold and warm tones. I thought I would go over my cult eye brushes I use to get the perfect eye-shadow look.

MAC 217 // Everyone and anyone know about how good this brush is for blending out eye-shadow. I use a really light hand and swipe it across the eye-shadow and it blends or smokes out the look perfectly. It does work best washed after every use but ain't no one got time for that so I quick wipe on your hand before use usually does the trick.

Urban Decay Double Ended // You usually get these with the Naked palettes I got mine with my Naked 2 and it has lasted so well as I got it about 2 years ago and wash it when I can. The bigger end is good for blending and packing on colour and the thinner end is good for the little colour under the eye and isn't to bad for packing on colour too. It is a pure travel must have as both ends do the trick and you wont need any other brushes.

Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush // You get this one with the  Real Techniques Starter Kit but I'd definitely say this is the best of the set. It's pretty similar to the MAC 217 and a cheaper price. I wouldn't say it blends as well as the MAC 217 but it does a really good job. If you are just starting out with eye shadow it is so worth the try.

If you have any recommendations leave them below!

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