Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Make-up For The Girl In A Rush

I am always in a rush like most people in the morning and my main task is getting my make up on quick but still looking decent and I'd say I have kinda pulled it off and want to share my quick go to products.

FOUNDATION // I love using Rimmel Stay Matte it blends super easy and really doesn't take much time. As it is matte you can skip your powder and it's actually high coverage so forget the concealer too it's a must for the girl in a rush.

BLUSH AND BRONZE // Two product's that do the job and you only need to tap your brush into the product lightly is the NYX Blush in Peach (it's not peach). It's more of a rose-pink colour it is so pigment so a slight touch into the palette and swipe on the cheeks and you are done. For bronzer I love the Hoola bonzer by Benefit it's a pure cult and gives a super natural bronzed look.

LASHES AND BROWS // The mascara you only need one flick of the lashes is Make Up Forever Smoky extravagant it's one of the best and easy mascara's I have also it has one amazing brush. My usual brows as always using the Urban Decay Tease from Naked 2 it's just a go to for me and works wonders on my brows.

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