Thursday, 4 December 2014

Have Free Time? Be Productive

I had a few days off college last week due to it being a non teaching week and I wanted to use the day's productively so here are my few tips to get you focused and organised.

A TIDY SPACE A TIDY MIND // I get so distracted and don't feel as productive if the area I'm working in is a mess so a quick tidy of the room you are working in before starting makes a huge difference don't go full on polishing but putting away washing that's laid out or if it's near the kitchen put the dishes away. I work a lot in my room so making my bed and a quick tidy under it makes a huge difference for me. You'll notice you will focus a ton more which means more work being done it's a win win situation.

LISTS // Oh my love of lists, I could make lists of lists and I have done it is the best way to keep you organised and how I remember everything I need to get done. Wunderlist is how I keep organised the app is free and you can download it on your laptop I just make lists then tick them off when I am finished. I section it for blogging, college work, home stuff and other it's seriously the most helpful thing I have.

QUIET SPACE // This is something that's a pure must for me there is nothing worse than people talking or hovering around you when you are working away. It can ruin what you want to write so find a quiet space or I put earphones in when I am around people and I want to go into my own bubble.

FIRST THINGS FIRST // This ties into lists but it's something I'll admit I have a problem with. I say I'll watch the YouTube videos in my subscription box and then do work when really it should be the other way around. So try look it at the way of once it's done it's done and you can relax and do the fun stuff
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