Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Fitness Talk

Okay, it's time to admit not only to you but to my self that I have  been major slacking on the fitness front and it's not just with Christmas around the corner. With college work and preferring YouTube videos instead of a workout I have been slacking off since October time (put it this way I still have the blogilates calender up from October...).

I am in need of some motivation which is something I really find hard to get, once I am working out I enjoy it and I could go for hours but that first 5 or so minutes is the hardest as I am usually tired or freezing that my bed sounds just about right, so if you have some motivation for me it's welcomed.

The amount of people that give fitness as their New Year's resolution is meant to be the highest and properly the most failed so I won't be doing that but I really want to at least try fit in a workout when ever I can. Blogilates is a huge help and I like the way it is run with the calenders it kinda changes up what you are doing every time so I do want to get into it again even if I don't do every day what I can do is important. (it's what I am telling my self anyway)

Are you slacking with Christmas coming or slack all together like me let me know below!

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