Sunday, 7 December 2014

4 Things You Want For The Perfect Lip Look

I sturggle with lips like everyone else and I never know when it looks just right so here is my top tips that might just help.

PREP // If you want the perfect lips then preparation before the lipstick is a must a quick lip scrub either the lush scrub or I have a old post on homemade scrub will do. Then a bit of lip balm and you should be ready.

TAKE TIME // All lipsticks are different some are so easy to apply without even looking in the mirror like MAC Creme Cup but there is definitely a few like Rimmel 110 and MAC Cyber that need a bit more time to get them perfect so get your steady hand and start with the top lip as it is usually smaller and when you press your lips together it will go on your bottom and you only need to fill the little bits.

LINERS // Liner's a huge help with some lipsticks just outline the lips and fill it in with the similar lipstick and boom your lips will also stand out more due to the liner. Rimmel Exaggeration liner in eastendsnob is a great one for a pink lip.

TOP UP // Give it a little check through the day to see if it's maybe dried or it's came off and give it a little top up with the lipstick you are using. If they are dry use a lip balm before applying it again or they will just get super dry and the lipstick will get everywhere (something I have learned in the past).

Got any more tips leave them below!

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