Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Sticky Trick

Two helpful trick posts in a row? I am just being nice now and this one is for getting that perfect eye-shadow look. It's fair to say I am no make up artist when it comes to eye-shadow but this little trick at least looks like I gave it a good little go.

Sticky bookmarks are something you can usually find in most stationary shops but it can also help in the beauty world. I place the sticky mark at the edge of my eye pointing up and then applied what ever eyeshadow I wish. I gave fellow blogger HelloOctober youtube video of Cara Delevigne make up from a recent gala a go but just changed up some products as I don't own the first Urban Decay Naked palette.

Afterwards I took off the sticky tape and tadah a sharp neat look that you could leave at that or smoke it out.

If you want more beauty tips and tricks tell me down below!

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