Sunday, 2 November 2014

The New Autumn/Winter Pieces

You may have noticed my instagram post yesterday and that I may have done some damage in Zara but also damage in H&M may have happened. I was after two staple pieces for Autumn/Winter that my wardrobe was screaming for and I picked them up and wanted to share them because they really are beautiful.

The huge oversized scarf/throw is really in right now with loads of places doing their own copy of the famous Burberry one that I could only dream of owning one day. Zara are so on point with their's they do a done of different coloured ones but I don't own much yellow and thought this was a perfect way to break me into it it's got a mix of dark yellows, your medium then a light and with the grey and blue mixed in it's just beautiful and I honestly just can't stop staring at it. Their is also a beautiful one in River Island right now it's black/grey/white but more cape shaped and it's quality is just like Zara incredible who needs Burberry right?   Okay me. Maxi Check Scarf £19.99

Everyone needs a good cosy jumper and it's definite to say I don't own a jumper like this the real typical jumper look is a much and with a bright mustard look my eyes drew me straight to this when I seen it. Its oversized so perfect with just a pair of leggings and boots it would look perfect. I love how the sleeves start further down it really helps with the baggy look since I have been pulling it off more lately. Cable-Knit Jumper £19.99

OOTD  posts will be coming with these pieces soon over the next couple of weeks so make sure you keep an eye out of how they look on me and how I'd style them.

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