Wednesday, 26 November 2014

The Monthly Catch Up

Sorry for being away Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I have been pretty badly unwell and couldn't even face staring at my computer screen.  I do catch posts every now and then but I thought I'd make them a monthly thing and let you all know how I am and what is going on.

LIFE & THINGS // As I said I have been unwell the start of this week which lovely arrived on Sunday before visiting family and it lasted through to Monday then I had a hospital appointment on Tuesday - nothing to worry about I am all good - so it has been a manic week. Thankfully I have Thurday and Friday off so it will give me time to catch up on things and get some blog posts written to give my self a relaxing weekend.

COLLEGE & WORK // It's fair to say college has put a ton of stress on me lately and I have felt super anxious at times. I want to do a full post on feeling anxious so that will come soon as I feel it is definitely not taken serious at all specially with college I have noticed if I have told a lecture it seems to be looked at nothing anxiety should be looked at seriously and it really isn't. Compared to last year though it is going great with a great assessor but she properly hates me as I keep putting back when she comes out to see me in placement as I forgot the first time and was ill the second.

BLOGGING // I want to address the ads that are now on my blog if you have noticed I am lucky to have the dedicated readers that I got offered AdSense that I was not expecting for a long time and not something I really notice was available. To be able to get a little bit of money from something I put so much of my time and passion into is a little perk so a huge thank you. I am also getting brands contacting me now which is a little crazy to even think about, but don't worry I will only work with any I truly like my self this blog is all about sharing what I like with you as you may also like it and it will always stay like that.

Hope you are having a good weekend loves!


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