Thursday, 27 November 2014

REVIEW: Rimmel Provocalips Lip Colour

I have heard major mixed reviews on Rimmel Provocalips and I gave in and bought it to give my review on it and I am on a hunt for the perfect Christmas red so it deserved it's chance.

APPLICATION // It's pretty fair to say I am no professional when it comes to application but this made me look like a complete pro. I just take off the excess product off the brush and outline the lips if you go over you do need to get it quick as it stays put but it is pretty hard to mess up as it is so easy to handle. You also get a clear top coat on the other side to put on top of the red which will end up being just as red and is already which you can see from the picture above but it really locks in the red and gives a shine to the lips.

LASTING & REMOVAL // It promises 16 hours and it really does give it and more I have eaten and drank with this on and there is no removing this bad boy at all it really keeps the same bright colour though anything on the lips. Lily Pebbles mentioned this in a recent youtube video and wasn't a fan due to the removal as when it comes to night time it is an utter pain to remove I did have to go through 2 cotton pads just for my lips but with Simple Cleanser it did finally come off compared to Lily who used a ton more. I definetly think all lips are different and matters what cleanser you use so it is still worth a go.

PACKAGING // I love that it has the two ends makes it handy for traveling but is annoying if you want a couple of them you'll end up with a few top coats.

Rimmel Provocalips Lip Colour in Kiss Me You Fool £6.99

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