Thursday, 13 November 2014

Primark's Winter 'Essentials'

Know when you nip into Primark just for a look then you notice their Christmas clothes that ton they are always on point with every year yeah I may have picked up pieces.

Christmas Jumper's are a pure must on Christmas day sitting around the table having christmas dinner so I had to pick up this cute baby blue one with a penguin on it. I'd also size down with this I picked up the small when I am medium they are baggy. I totally blame the new John Lewis advert for the decision of picking the one with the penguin. You totally need to see the advert if you haven't already it is so good.

I went the whole hog this Christmas and got Christmas leggings with cute snowflakes and pudding on them I couldn't help myself at only £10 why not right plus they are so cosy so lounging about in these on Christmas day is a must.

Thick tights is a must when it comes to winter there is nothing worse than walking out in thin tights and having freezing legs for the day. While the quality isn't amazing but that's Primark for you they are so cosy and will last for winter but after that they usually need chucked out but are so worth having warm legs than freezing them off right?.

Let me know down below if you have your Christmas jumper already?

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