Monday, 17 November 2014

Online Shops My Internet History Loves

I have no shame when I say I am addicted to online shopping and the fact I can do it from the comfort of my bed and a pair of joggers is a pure bonus. So here is my top three recent websites that I could spend way to much on.

I love that it does so many brands it lets me be on it for longer than I properly should. The fact they do so many brands it means such good pricing as you can usually find similar things but one will be cheaper. Some brands on it can be pretty unknown as well so if you are after something unique then ASOS is for you. When it comes to dresses ASOS is where I go it's seriously the best selection and if they don't fit when they arrive free delivery is a blessing.

This is a super new find after I got an email from them I find my self scrolling the website for the past couple of days. Everything is just super different and not what I have seen before. Their handbags are on point if you are after a new one they look super high end Celine style but a way better price tag. You also get free UK delivery when you spend £35.

When it comes to buying make-up online Space NK wins every time with a good variety of brands available on the site including my favourite NARS and Laura Mercier being two. With Sephora being way to much money to get delivered to the UK space nk is the way to go for great brands in one place.

If you have any great websites let me know down below

*Disclaimer - This is all my own thoughts, I was not asked to mention any sites.*

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