Tuesday, 4 November 2014

October | Monthly Favourites

My October has been pretty mad so I am glad I am finally getting to get this post up and really work out for my self what I have been loving as well as letting you lot of lovely people know as well.

NYX Blush Peach I recently done a post about this blush so if you want a full low down have a look at that and ever since it's been in my everyday make up bag. I just can't get enough of it's everyday flushed look without looking over the top it's a real good cult blush.

Barry M Vintage Violet I yet again have done a post on this and it's my most visited post in October so guys must have loved it too. It's such a beautiful purple/plum shade and doesn't even look like BarryM more Chanel but less of the price tag.

NIVEA Powerfruit Delight Shower Gel I picked this up on a win while out shopping as I was after a new shower gel and thought it smelled good so gave it a go. I was so surprised with it my skin feels so soft ever since using it and it smells amazing.

Zara Leggings This is half a favourite and a maybe goodbye unless my Mum can work her magic and sort the threading that is coming apart in the leg. These are the best leggings I have ever bought and with the panneling and the thick elastic around the waste the slim down the legs and the tummy with the elastic band. They are also so thick so no one is seeing your pants from the back a look that I find revolting seeing but with these you can wear a crop top and not feel worried you aren't covering your self. I wish Zara would restock them come on Zara get into your game.

Vogue Since Company finished their physical copy I gave it a few months and finally decided what magazine I would start to replace it with and picked Vogue. After Company was so good with mentioning bloggers/vloggers in their magazine I wanted to find one that was close to the same and when I seen Vogue do a whole section dedicated to Zoe aka Zoella I knew I would be picking it up and it has turned into my favourite and the pictures give so many blog inspiration and perfect photo backgrounds.

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