Wednesday, 19 November 2014

My Top 'Must Watch' Shows

When I say I am addicted to tv shows I mean it with a list of shows I like to keep up on and I thought I would knock it down to my top 5 must watch shows you need in your life.

Pretty Little Liars
You may have guessed from the picture that this would come first. I started to get into this when the first season finished and I became addicted and watched episode after episode to the point it came to what do I do now scenario when I had no more episodes to watch. I wouldn't go into explaining it because I wouldn't know where to start but it's a teen show with major twists. Such a major MUST WATCH I even have my friends hooked.

Once Upon a Time
It's basically old and new fairytales brought to life and they all stay in a town with their powers still causing drama. I would say it is a hard one to get into my Dad actually got me hooked and with 'Frozen' just being added to the show the viewing rocketed with good reason the storyline it has brought is amazing.

American Horror Story
Everyone and anyone is talking about AHS right now it is such a hit and is pure addictive. Freakshow is definitely the best series so far with the clown being a major highlight a little spoiler when he takes the mask off I definitely had to look away. A must watch and one you don't need to go back and watch from series one as each series is different.

Teen Wolf
I am in the middle of catching up on Teen Wolf and I am on Season 3 right now it is definitely a show I enjoy watching but I do take my time catching up on mainly because I will feel lost when I am fully caught up. Dylan is a very good reason to watch his humour is on point and he is super adorable.

Some Girls
All the shows I have mentioned are American so I thought I would give props to a British show that is just back for a new series and is hilarious. Some Girls is about a group of typical school girls and their daily life but let's say their daily life isn't the same as everyone else with the girls getting into some hilarious situations.

If you want another top 5 let me know down below as I have enough?,

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