Monday, 3 November 2014

Music of My October


Bastille VS. Grades - Torn Apart
 I am a huge Bastille fan their music is always different and I honestly can not get enough of Torn Apart it's a little different from their usual stuff I'd say but still manages to keep to their type. I really hope this is huge because Bastille so deserve it.

Olly Murs feat. Travie McCoy - All Wrapped Up
I'm linking the lyric video instead of the music video as I found it so unique and it suits the song way more than the music video even though you only get a second of Olly. This is coming from Olly's new album Never Been Better that is available from pre-order now which I can not wait to get my hands on and will properly end up in a favourites post soon. You need to get addicted to this.

RHODES - Breathe
This is another BBC Live Lounge find and bless do I find loads from listening to it this guy is going to huge and it's obvious. His music is very calming and easy to listen to so anyone would love it. The lyrics are so sweet and the guy isn't bad to look at either. Rhodes new EP features Breathe linked above so it is so worth checking out.

Taylor Swift -1989 (Deluxe)
I have been counting down the days when this was released as I utterly love Taylor Swift's music and she did not disappoint this time at all with every song being catchy wither they are slow or more up beat. Style and All You Had To Do Was Stay are properly being my favourites right now but it could change by tomorrow I haven't quite decided. Style is about Harry Styles and I have a feeling so is All You Had To Do Was Stay is about him too with some links with the story of them being together linking in to parts of the song.

Ben Howard - I Forgot Where We Were
I call Ben Howard's music my relaxing playlist because when I either have a sore head,can't sleep or I am in a plane which is not regular Ben's music is what I am after to help me totally relax. It's calm and each song is written so well the guy is pure legend and this album tops.

Ella Henderson - 1996
I love Ella's album but 1996 stuck out to me straight away when I listened to the album it's just so so good and it's obviously dedicated to her family and friends which is so different compared to a typical love song you get on most albums. It's a mix of up beat and soft and it almost gives you a bit of a nosy into Ella as a young girl.

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