Thursday, 20 November 2014

Addiction To Instagram

 I am pretty addicted to Instagram and post pretty much everyday, My mornings include going down my feed until it I can't go down any further then look at the clock and realize I have to rush getting ready as I am late.

I thought I would give a run down of the Instagrammers I find my self double tapping every day.

gh0stparties //
I mentioned her blog in my Office Inspiration post and her Instagram is just as beautiful with her home decor, products and her adorable cat on her page you will find your self double tapping and scrolling her account all day.

linda_lomelino //
If you love food you need to follow this girl she makes me crave every photo she posts. She is also a photographer so obviously you expect the best and get it.

linadelika //
I may not understand her caption under the photo but it's Intagram right you are there for the photos anyway. This girl travels and damn she must see some amazing places with every place she goes, She shares her travels through Instagram with beautiful pictures of around the world to the sea, old building and tall buildings this girl has it all.

tonis_life //
Her style is just to die for as well as her Instagram. I freaking love that her photos are always different with travel, food and a selfie or two what more could you want.

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