Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The Essential Long Weekend Products

I have been staying away for a long weekend so I thought I would share the few products that I just couldn't leave without for the weekend.

Vaseline Rosy Lips My lips have been major dry the last few days with going into winter and this is my all time staple. Vaseline is such a major cult brand when it comes to lip care and they deserve it as it starts working from the first apply. It also gives a slight pink colour to the lips so it saves the time in the morning if you are in a rush. 

Mark Hill Shampoo They don't have the exact same available any more but it's one I bring out when I am going away for a few days. It's a basic shampoo and really just does the job you need for your hair not to special but good for those few days.

The Body Shop Forest Conditioner I have the mini version of this so it's perfect for travelling about with. I was actually really surprised with this conditioner it gives a beautiful shine to the hair and I had hardly any knots in my hair after washing it. If you are after a mini travel product that works the same as your usual this is the one.

Simple Moisturiser My skin has been a right mess lately so I went back to my old trusty simple moisturiser it really calms my face down when I am getting break outs and I knew I would need it for the few days as my skin would have just gone back to breaking out my skin just seems to love it.

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Cherry Dry shampoo has to become the most loved product when travelling and you can't beat Batiste it gives my hair so much volume and takes away any greasy bits of my hair. It is just such a major cult product.

Amor Amor Perfume I love having a perfume that just reminds me of good times when I am away from home and the Amor Amor does that for me it's also such a cute small bottle so it is travel friendly. It's a sweet but lightly floral smelling and one of those ones when you would be smelling your scarf all day if you wore it.

Let me know the cult products for you when travelling p.s sorry for the lack of effort in the photos with being away it's hard to get the same set up.
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