Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Product Empties #1

 I definitely think you can get the most honest review when someone has used up all of the product as they have liked it enough to totally finish it, so here is my first empties.

N-Spa Coconut Body Spray
I have a huge addiction to body sprays and when I saw the coconut scent by N-Spa I just bought it. It has lasted me so long and gives just a subtle coconut smell that is perfect for everyday wear. N-Spa is also such an affordable brand so if you are after a body spray I'd check out N-Spa's line I pick it up in ASDA when I am getting food shopping.

Soap and Glory Clean On Me
Soap and Glory just do their shower gels so well first off this lasts for so long no joke I must have got this bottle around my birthday which is August 9th and I have just finished it just a couple of days ago and for the price they are so worth it. Compared to their other scents this is definitely not as heavy and instead smells subtle and fresh on the skin. It lathers up well using a shower puff which I love as I feel you can get a better wash then.

Vaseline Spray and Go
My addiction to coconut scents is carrying on if you can't tell it just makes me smell like I have been on holiday. I talked about this at the start of Summer and it has been hiding waiting to be in this empties post for a while. I did think it would have lasted longer than it did as I didn't over spray it but I expected it to last over 2 weeks but it didn't so I was pretty gutted but if you are a lazy moisturiser or on holiday and want to help your skin from peeling I would pick this up again.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
There is still a tiny bit in this but I will properly never use it due to the shade I picked up is now to dark but worked well during Summer when I had a slight tan to my face. I still think it's hands down the best drugstore dewy foundation out there right now that I have came across and it gives a medium to full coverage and lasts all day on my skin. I also notice when I use this I get way less breakouts than when I use a different foundation so if my skin prefers it I prefer it. Bonus that is smells amazing so what's not to love.

Revlon Dreamer Nail Polish
I have tried every way to get the last of this polish out but it's done the dry polish is not coming out the bottle. I got this for an event a while ago now and it applies really well to the nails surprisingly for a thin brush and it needs about two coats and looks pretty much opaque. It does chip pretty bad through and I have to reapply it a lot if I want to keep wearing it I think that's why I used it up so quick.

Let me know if you like empties posts down below and if you have used anything above.

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