Sunday, 5 October 2014

Not Letting People Tell You No

Mixing college and blogging is something I am now dealing with again and I think I am doing well at it. I have had a few people tell me to let blogging take the 'back bone' and focus on college and each time I have told them no as it is something I have the biggest passion about and has became apart of my life now and would be stupid to throw all that time and the work I have put into making this blog how it is today away. I couldn't leave this amazing community of friendly people that I could spend day in day out reading about what they have to say. I find it amazing if someone tells me they read my blog or if an email pops up with comments on posts to know someone has took time to read my words. It has also helped me be more creative and confident which all together helps me in day to day life as I am a shy person (which main reason why I properly wont ever do youtube unless loads of people ask me to start).

I think people who don't blog will ever truly understand the pride you can feel in your self when you simply post a new blog post knowing it is your own words and your photos that you took your time to write and take it's basically one of the main reasons why I could never stop and I hope other bloggers are the same.

No matter if it is blogging or just something in your life you are passionate about don't let anyone tell you that you can not do it, you are the one who wants it, it's your passion and letting someone else's views over take your own in the long run will not make you happy live your dream as cheesy as it sounds it's true it's your dream so live it.

hope you are having a good Sunday and liked this post

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