Tuesday, 28 October 2014


First of all you may be wondering where was Sunday's post and Monday's but if you don't follow me on twitter you wouldn't have known I have been very much sick and I am just getting over it today but thank goodness I am as I haven't been that sick since high school.

Enough of the pity me story and more of the exciting stuff you may have guessed by the title. So I was blogging away as bloggers do and when I clicked on posts and realised this was my 100th I had a freak out. I couldn't really believe I have written 100th posts and people have wanted to read them. It really amazes me how much time and passion I have put into this as when I started it was a bit of fun that I wasn't sure if I would carry through. It is still fun and has basically became automatic thing for me to do. I love it to pieces and can't thank you enough if you have read 100, 10 or this is just your first time hitting up rebekahmaryx then I am grateful for you specially when I am close to hitting 100 followers. I can't wait to see what my blogging experience will be by 200th posts.

 A Huge Thank You!

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