Monday, 20 October 2014

Colouring My Hair | Round 2

I am still experimenting with my hair before I get it dyed properly in a couple of weeks and I noticed this spray in Blue while shopping so I thought I would a round two of blue hair.
I wasn't to sure what to think when I came across this since it was a spray I was obviously expecting it to be a bit wet when applying it and it was and it was definitely more than I expected.

Applying When applying it you don't really see the product going onto the hair as it goes on clear and when you brush it through it is more noticeable so it is hard to see where you have sprayed so you don't go over board on certain parts.

Brushing When it comes to brushing it as I said above it isn't easy to see without doing but it makes the hair so knotty and I felt I really had to give it a good brush to get the knots out and since the formula is wet it gets your brush bright blue I should have took a photo and shown but I utterly forgot.

The Look While it is an utter pain to apply it does give a very pigmented blue colour to the hair and really stands out compared to the Bleach London crayon that I did a review on you can see it in every light.

The Aftermath so after I finished with the amount I wanted I took the towel away which was covered in blue (don't tell my Mum...) and it seemed fine till I went into a different light and looked at my skin and it was basically making my neck look like I was turning into either Shrek or the Hulk and while it was easy to remove it's not something I am really after for a quick spray. It washes out the hair in seconds in the shower so you can bet I did it straight away so I didn't get it over my clothes. After managing to get it on my bathroom floor and since its not obvious because it's a  spray it was all over my feet oh dear...

Colourxtream Spray
Have you had any problematic "hair dyes" let me know?

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