Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Bleach London Hair Crayon | Review

Recently I have been addicted to looking at people with colourful hair Kylie Jenner's greeny/blue hair to be precise and I wanted to try out what it would look like with my hair without worrying that it'll be permanent for to long. 

I have heard amazing things about the Bleach London hair dye so when I heard about the hair crayons through Company Magazine video's I thought it was the perfect time to give them a go. On the crayon it does look more of a light pastel blue but comes out on the hair more green. It also states it lasts 1 to 4 washes which for me was not true at all I was noticing it was lasting a day at most without even washing it so if you want a bright colour for a day it works but if you want it for a while to see how it really is then it's not the best as I saw my self applying it every morning. It is easy to apply just gather hair in your hand or if you are wearing a old t-shirt or a towel just apply it to the hair like a normal crayon then brush through your hair to get out any tiny bits of product and to see where you have missed - you will have a colour hair brush by the end of it.

It does also come with a sharpener which is handy as it does go down faster than I expected and when I was getting someone to help me it was breaking off very quickly. It does wash off clothes, hands and surfaces easily but overall not something I would be purchasing again unless it was for pure fun. 

Bleach London Hair Crayon in Washed Up Mermaid £4

Have you used any Bleach London products let me know below.

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