Sunday, 19 October 2014

BarryM Autumn Launch | Vintage Violet


I noticed some new shades BarryM had brought out for Autumn and decided to pick up this beautiful purple shade in Vintage Violet since the bright shades are going away and the darker colours are coming in BarryM are on point with this shade. It is such a beautiful colour for Autumn and it's a different colour in my collection as it's a rather a blue toned purple so it screams Autumn for me.

It usually lasts about 3 good days on the nails and gives a beautiful shine when it's applied but the consistory is a tad thin so you need to take a lot of excess product off the brush before applying it to the nails but two coats is all it needs.

It's definitely a polish that looks more expensive than BarryM.

What polish are you loving this season?

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