Thursday, 2 October 2014

Autumn Nails | Essie Carry On

 The dark nail polishes are all out when it hits Autumn and Essie's Carry On is one of my all time  favourites for this time of the year.

Carry On Nail Polish
Carry on is a dark burgundy shade and with all the Essie shades I think this is rather unknown in the blogging world so thought I would do this post. Every time Autumn come around I gravitate towards this polish it's similar to the Essie Wicked colour but an older collection and just a bit darker. In some lights it comes out dark purple and in some it comes out a almost black. For a thin brush it actually applies thick and covers the whole nail well with about two coats it looks shiny and opaque.

Essie polishes are definitely one of my favourites.

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