Thursday, 25 September 2014

What's With Body Butters?

I have to admit when it comes to body butters I have only tried the Soap and Glory one's but let's admit it's not a crime they are amazing. I don't know how they think of the smells but a around of applause is well deserved for them.

I have The RIGHTEOUS Butter and have used up all of The Sugar Crush which smells of cola bottles they are amazing. I apply it when I come out the shower and I swear it doesn't even take five minutes most of the time to sink into the skin and and my skin smells amazing. The only downfall I give the Soap and Glory body butters is the packaging I find it so fiddly to get the product out and you get parts under your nails which can make it annoying and not very hygienic to use.

Body Butters VS Moisturisers 
My main problem is what is the difference between the two. Well here is the low down on the differences body butters are a lot thicker so usually take longer to apply so are better used after showers and moisturisers are thinner and are better used everyday to keep your skin topped up and softer. 

Have we all got the low down now? right well let's go smell amazing!
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