Monday, 15 September 2014

The Autumn Tag!

 I saw this tag floating around other bloggers and wanted to join in I wasn't tagged but if you want to do it go ahead and leave them below I tag all of you. The thought of Autumn finally being here brings me more joy than it properly should do the leaves being a different colour and wearing burgundy nearly every day oh bring it!

Go to Make-Up Look?
I like to slowly bring in some warmer tones for the lips some burgendy reds then a more gold tone on the eyes The Color Tattoo in And On Bronze is perfect for that because you can make it darker or as light as you want when you blend it in. I still like a little bronzed look in Autumn and the Benefit Hoola is perfect for that slight bronzed look.

Let's talk drink what I go for at Costa/Starbucks?!
I have to admit my choice in drink doesn't really change through Autumn it's more Winter it will so keep an eye out for an Winter tag but I do with my usual which is an Iced Mocha or just a Iced Latte. I can pretty much have iced all year around.

My favourite perfume for Autumn
My floral perfumes go into hiding when it hits Autumn I like my more musky sharp scents during Autumn they are just a lot more of a warmth and that's what you are after in Autumn I find.

What music will I have on during Autumn
Well recently I have been listening to a lot of folk music but I wouldn't say I change my music taste when the season changes I just listen to what I like. Make sure to check out my Music Playlist at the end of the month to find out more.

What candles come out of hiding?
When I change my candles that sit out you know it's hit Autumn I may be a bit of an addict. I love pumpkin and richer smelling candles the orange one below is from Ikea and is so amazing you need to smell it if you are in an Ikea.

It's hit Autumn what will I wear?
Being able to throw a jumper without feeling to hot is a blessing there is nothing better than a cosy jumper and a thick scarf with a hot chocolate. I want it already!

What I love most about it?
I love the darker nights, being able to layer clothes, the clothes you can find in the highstreet and that Christmas is coming soon!.

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