Thursday, 11 September 2014

Styling Autumn/Winter Pieces

My Autumn and Winter weekday's will include being stuck in college and while I like to be comfy being stuck in a room I also like looking at least half decent (I try come on). So I have been snapping away my outfits and thought I would share three different one's. If you want any-more of these type of posts of my outfits let me know below

Topshop Daisy Tee (Not in White) // New Look Black Jeans // Red Herring Rain Coat // Topshop MONTH Chelsea Boots

A good pair of jeans can go with any crop top and I am in love with Topshop's daisy crop tee I have seen it everywhere lately. The New Look jeans are such good quality I always hear people talk about the Topshop ones but the New Look jeans are cheaper and are just as comfy. My boots are a standard for me now with my coat that lovely covers my bum if I need to bend down and the top comes with no one is seeing my back.

River Island Tres En Vogue Jumper // Topshop MOTO Hallie Denim Hotpants // Blue Chuck Taylor High Top Converse

Shorts, tights and a jumper or tee is properly my real main go to look it's comfy and so casual with still looking presentable and for those days I am blogging or can't be bothered you'll be finding me in this.

Primark Burgendy Skater Dress // Primark Blue Long Cardigan // Ted Baker Scarf // Topshop MONTH Chelsea Boots

I love this because it's not to casual but it's not dressy it's just a nice in-between and I have a feeling I will be stuck in this a lot through Autumn/ Winter not that I am complaining at all. Damn don't those boots just go with everything they are a such good investment piece.

I still will look in my wardrobe and think I have nothing to wear but that's us girls for you....

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