Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Products For Baby Soft Hands

Hand cream's are a difficult one for me as I have pretty dry hands a lot and I have went through a few creams and I thought I would give a run down or the loves and the ones that just didn't make the cut

Soap & Glory Hand Food
This a cult product in the beauty world and I see why but I also see it's downfalls. First it smells amazing like most Soap and Glory products and it comes in a smaller bottle so it's handy for putting in my handbag and getting out when I feel a bit dry. It sinks into the skin well but for me a bit to well I feel I rub it in then after about 15-20 minutes or so I don't think it's obvious I even put it on, it just doesn't have that lasting effect to it. 

Avveno do have a product labelled as a hand cream but I prefer their daily moisturiser as with the pump it is handy for putting in the bathroom and using when you are about to leave and with the pump it's a lot more sanitary specially for the bathroom. If you have really bad dry hands I would go with Avveno it really is labelled towards people with really bad dry hands but works as well for people like me who just get it once in a while. It has an almost wheat smell to it that is actually surprisingly pleasant as I wasn't to sure when smelling it at first but it comes rather nice.

I really go back and forth with this cream I'll use it for a while then get bored of it then go back (then repeats a couple times more). I would definitely say it's the best smell out of all three I mean who doesn't like the smell of honey. It's also the thickest out of all three but is still easy to rub into the hands without leaving them sticky and the smell lasts a decent amount of time on the hands for me anyway. Out of all three again I would say this comes up tops on lasting the longest the only reason I get bored of it is as even though the smell is so good it can get boring to smell after a while, what can I say I am picky.

What hand creams are you loving? (p.s excuse the bad picture quality I usually use day light but with being at work I come home and the daylight is gone it's just for this week)
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