Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Omorovicza Facial Polish | Review & First Impression

If you read my Sephora Haul post I mentioned I got a sample of the Omorovicza Facial Polisher and would give a review of what I thought of it so here it is. I have not tried it before and everything I write is a first impression of the product. 

After I have cleansed with the Simple Purifying Cleanser I went in with the Omorovica Facial Polisher. When I opened it I was surprised it was a green/black colour as I think it's not very a pleasure to put something green on your skin (specially if the door goes and you are looking like shrek but I was luckily fine). When applying it, it just felt like a scrub so was grainy but not to much that it felt irritating to my skin. It also smells like tea tree so it was fresh and enjoyable to have on the skin. It tells you to leave it on for about 2 minutes but I went about 5 just to see how it was with a little longer on my skin. When it came to taking it off my face I just used water and a towel and it all came off so easy. There was no scrubbing at one bit to get it off it was just quick and easy and left  no red marks to my skin to show it had irritated it. My skin felt so soft and plumper after I took it off which it did not feel like before I used the polish specially around my nose which is one of my main problem areas so I was so impressed with it. It didn't do much for around my forehead which is my dried part of my face so I was disapionted with it there. All in all I really loved this product and would totally buy the full size of it and use it about once a week to help my skin look and feel clearer.

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