Monday, 8 September 2014

Lips For Autumn & Winter

Since we have finally hit Autumn time it's time for those darker coloured lipsticks to come out of hiding and back into my make up bag and I am way to excited for it and wanted to share what my go to colours will be.

MAC lipstick in Cyber is a really dark purple colour and I'd say you have to have confidence to wear it out in public but I try my best to not care and go for it. It's very drying to the lips so make sure you have scrubbed and put on some lip balm before applying. The Kate Moss Lipsticks are my favourite from the drugstore and the matt red in 111 is just such a classic red it's not drying either so what is not to love, A more recent dark plum colour I have been loving is the Bite Pencil in Meritage I got in my recent Sephora Haul it's so creamy and applies like a complete babe and I love this for carrying around in my bag as well since it's a mini size. Lastly is a strange one for Autumn/Winter and it's a nude the one of the Kate Moss Lipsticks again while I don't like wearing it on it's own as it's to nude for me it works for making a bright and bold lipstick a bit of a cooler tone to wear. I just apply it on top of the bright colour then pat it down with my finger and boom you have a total new lip colour without having to go on a cheeky Sephora order. 

If you have any lip colour suggestions leave them below 
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