Tuesday, 16 September 2014

It's A Mascara Off

I have always loved Benefit they're Real but there may be a mascara that is rivalling it and it's the MakeUpForEver Smoky Extravagant so let's talk the difference.

What I have always liked about the Benefit brush was it had the little bristles at the end so you could get to the tiny hairs as well which totally opens the eyes even more and just makes you look even more awake. The MakeUPForEver brush is a lot nicer to apply than the Benefit I don't even feel the applicator on my lashes when I apply it. The only downfall I'd give it is a little bit of product seems to stay at the bottom of the brush when you bring it out the tube but it's so easy to take off so I can totally deal with it.

I'd say the length is pretty similar in both mascaras the Benefit maybe giving a tiny bit more but it does clump the lashes together the more length you want. Compared to the MakeUpForEver that gives an amazing length and the more product you put on it would give more length but no clups.

For fall out I'd say both are amazing for giving none fallout at all. I haven't came across looking in the the mirror through the day and seen any black under my eye at all. When it comes to removal I am after something that is fast and isn't a utter pain to remove and this is when MakeUpForEver bring it out the bag one swipe with my Simple Cleanser it's gone compared to the Benefit that takes forever and is a utter pain to budge on the lashes.

Benefit                                                        MakeUpForEver 

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