Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Foxes | Get The Style Icon

Ever since she popped up on a debenhams advert with her song Youth (linked below) I became obsessed with this girl her style, make-up and hair. It's girly but with a slight edge which is pretty similar to myself but she isn't afraid to come out with something daring like she did at Topshop Unique AW14 at London Fashion Week. Check out her picks and more about her from Topshop to steal her style you can tell from looking at it she is femane but loves her 90's style from the black and while and monochrome she is found wearing.

She also worked with Adidas not to long ago on #fromwhereirun which the photos from it were amazing (one below). You can tell she likes her sporting wear as she is found in a lot of cop tops, sports bra's and joggers which she rocks so well that I only wish I could. Her make up stays pretty much natural in most photos I found with her going with a peachy/orange tone lipsticks most of the time which suits her skin tone so well and a simple flicked eyeliner look and she rocks the look and obviously is her signature look.

"I like that sense of fun and freedom that clothes give you"

Her links

Now are you obsessed with this girl as much as me let me know!
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