Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Buxom Lipgloss | An Unlikely Love

Butom Lip Cream in White Russian

The applicator is pretty much a dream to use it doesn't give off to much product when it comes out of the tube it's just enough to cover all the lips so it doesn't look overly glossy. It's also not a harsh applicator to apply with it is easy to whip on even without even having to use a mirror (which is usually me in every situation).

When I got this in a recent sephora order it was actually the one I was less bothered in trying out but it's been the one out of all the lip product that I now use. The pigmentation compared to the other one's I bought was definitely the best (it even beat out Marc Jacobs). It's just the most beautiful light pink and works perfect over pink lipsticks too (MAC Creme Cup is a dream with it). Also the first time I tried it I was surprised when my lips went cold yes cold!. I looked up over reviews to see if people had the same result and a few did it's a bit odd but I find it rather pleasant for some reason. Also damn does it smell amazing.

When I wear it on top of lipsticks I do notice it doesn't last as long as I would like and I have to top it up through out the day. But on it's own it's a dream for lasting a long time I can notice when it has faded a bit as my lips aren't as cold as I said above so it's good for that too when you dont have a mirror on you.

Have you tried any Buxton's products let me know below
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