Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Brand Focus | Lee Stafford

I have used Lee Stafford products forever and went through some twice or maybe four or five you get the drift so here is my three go to's from the line.

You can find Lee Stafford products in most Boots and is so affordable. They really stick out with the bright pink packaging and the writing on the bottle is all different heights and capitals which I think gives a quirky and different look to it. Lee Stafford line started in 2001 and you can find one of his hairdressers in Soho London which I have to admit I am dying to go to but who wouldn't right?.

I have talked about this already over on my Need the Volume or Have To Much? post but it's literally perfect for when your hair wants to frizz out which mine does a lot.

This was my first protection spray I bought for when I am straightening or curling my hair and it was pretty much love at first sight. It does a bang up jon at protecting the hair when I need it and you only need two quick sprays and your whole head is covered. The fact is smells amazing is just a huge bonus

Frizz OFF (recent name change)
This works in similar way to the DeHumidifier but when you are after a pamper evening I'll love using this. I apply it before drying my hair and it gives it a silk feeling after it's dried as usually my hair looks like a huge frizz ball after drying so it's a total life safer.

If you have tried any Lee Stafford products let me know (I also have another post soon on just one of his products yup it's either so bad or so good!)
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