Sunday, 21 September 2014

A Sunday Catch Up

I thought instead of doing a beauty or fashion post I would sit down and ramble to you and let you all catch up with me so sit down grab a cuppa or a smoothie in my choice and let me ramble.

I have been enjoying blogging so much more lately and have been giving so much of my time and passion to it. I looked back over at my older posts and compared them to now and have seen such an improvement in my self (not bigging my self up over here) but it is so good to see how much effort I have put in without even realizing I have. I have also seen my reader and followers build up and it's so weird that people actually want to read what I say but thank you so much it's crazy!.

Make Over
If you haven't noticed already which I am sure you have if you have clicked on my blog that I had a little make over with a new header and a jig around with my sidebar and I am not quite finished I am loving it so far. I really like the simple easy to navigate look and I think I have gave it that. If you or you know anyone that is good with making popular posts just a big image then please let me know below as I am so below struggling thank you. Let me know what you think of the new look below and if there is anything I can tweak.

Life and College
My life has been pretty much mad lately as college has pretty much drowned me with work and I still want to keep to my blogging schedule to my usual as how much I enjoy it so I will be. Starting Monday I go into my placement (if you didn't know I study Children and Young People) and I am a bit nervous and hoping they are nice as sometimes it is harder to do the work if they are hard to talk to me being shy and all so fingers crossed. I have posts lined up for the week so that is one thing less to worry about as I am usually so tired after placement and sleep for a good hour when I come home. Thankfully during the Easter holiday's I am going on a little holiday so it will be nice to have a break from it all.

Hope life is treating you well, feel free to let out anything down in the comments 
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