Sunday, 14 September 2014

3 Bloggers 3 New Obsessions

I may have been scrolling bloglovin to late at night and become obsessed with bloggers that are new to me that I just can't get enough of so here is three of my favourites, don't tell them I am obsessed shh!...

I can't totally remember how I came across Emily's blog but I am glad I did her posts are just so easy to read and I feel I am actually reading a friend's recommendation on a beauty product rather than a random blogger. Her layout is also super easy to work and just looks fresh.

After reading another blog I was scrolling down the comments and the different url caught my eye and clicked on it. Kal's blog is just to easy to read and I love her photos I was lacking inspiration on taking photos and after scrolling her blog I saw the little things she used in her photos and it really gave me the inspiration on how I can make my photos a bit more intresting. She is also similar to me in the fact her friends tell her to shut up about make up we just can't help it and we're not sorry!.

I think Mary followed my blog first I can't quite remember but it was either way and I am so glad as she is my favourite blogger now to read. Her posts are always so interesting to read and I could properly just keep reading. Her blog is so easy to get around and she has a youtube so you can get even more addicted. P.s it was her blog's birthday not long ago so find the post and say happy birthday.

got any blog recommendations leave them below!
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