Monday, 25 August 2014

What // Where // Eat | The Fringe Take 2

If you read my post of some reviews from the fringe a few weeks back on my birthday you'll know that I pretty much love going. I mean free shows, a laugh and a drink you've got me basically so we went back through on the Saturday there and it was just as good. We had a walk through St Andrews Square where there is always something going on and went into the Voodoo Rooms on 19a West Register St there is always free shows going on there and there was an act showing about pick pocketers called The Man of Steel and he showed how easy it was and it really gave you that shock of you are properly not being as safe as you first thought you were. 

For lunch we went to Cosmos in the Omni Centre it's a huge buffet as you can see from the pictures above it does everything Chinese, Indian, Sushi Bar, Italian and more it's seriously ah-mazing it's better than Jimmy Chungs near the train station as there is way more variety and their chocolate fountain just had me. After we went to the Dome Gardens in Rose Street it's got such a nice vibe to it and we had a few drinks before heading back to the Voodoo Rooms for another show.

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