Monday, 18 August 2014

Useful Apps for Bloggers

Blogger - While I don't use the app to write up my posts (kudos to you if you can). I love using it check if my scheduled posts have gone up and to view how my posts look on mobile. I definitely think the app could be improved so much but it does work how it is.

TimerCam - I do use my IPod to take pictures for my blog sometimes so if it's an outfit post I usually need a timer if I have no one around to take the picture. Any Timer app will do but TimerCam is pretty easy to use.

Bloglovin - I am pretty sure every blogger knows about bloglovin and I love their app just as much it's so easy to use and I actually prefer it over their website as the feed is a lot nicer to use than their website. Bloglovin really connects bloggers and helps the community so what's not to love right?. (don't forget to find my bloglovin below)

HootSuite - I only found this recently since I was looking up ways to schedule statues updates for my social media to say when there was a new post. It's properly the best app I have found you can schedule updates for Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and LinkedIn I only used Twitter and Facebook but you can link as many or as little social media as you want. You just write your statues like normal pick the social media put a link and a picture if you want and add the date and that's it no more worrying about no one is going to miss a post because you can't post about it. The only downfall I have with this app as you are linking just your blog and not the individual post it will pick a random photo with your link and you can't change it when writing up the status.

Latergramme - This works like Hootsuite but it's for your Instagram you pick your picture, pick the writing, pick when you want it to go up and that's it until it comes to the time it is scheduled for you will get a notification and it asks you to swipe to post so you do need some connection to get it online. The app it's self is laid out so easy you have a part for posts you have scheduled, one for posts that are ready to be put up and lastly one for posts your have posted.

VSCOcam - Everyone uses this to edit their photos nowadays for Instagram but I also use it to edit my photos for my blog if it's from my camera I'll transfer them to my IPod or if I use my IPod for pictures I edit them easily on there. It's such a easy app to use and the filters are the best I like using F2 as it is bright and and gives the pictures a nice quality to them.

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