Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Body Spray Addiction

Everyone loves a good body spray refreshing and smell amazing what's not to love.

The Soap & Glory Body Spray's definitely win on packaging it is so adorable and girly. You can get them as a set so the size they come in are perfect for putting in your handbag which I do. Lately I have been preferring Girligo it's a very subtle smell very light but still has the typical Soap and Glory smell which I love and is perfect for everyday. 

Mist You Madly is a lot more floral smelling but not the the point it smell's it's got the granny smell (you know the one) . It's still very fresh smelling and would work for anyone. I have noticed when I wear it people will ask what I am wearing showing even though the smell is strong it's pleasing to smell.

Lastly Glam-A-Lot which is definitely more of a night smell as it is stronger smelling and isn't as fresh as Girligo and Mist You Madly it is still pleasing to smell but it is definitely not my favourite out of the three as I am more for the fresh smelling spray's as that's what I usually go for in a spray.  

Soap & Glory Body Spray's 
Set - £9.50
Girligo - £6.50
Mist You Madly - £6.50
Glam-A-Lot - £6.50 (not online)

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