Sunday, 3 August 2014

Review | DKNY Perfume Be Delicious

I posted that I got these in a my recent haul post and wanted to write up a little review post after I had tried out them for a while. Stay with me on this post as I'll admit I'm not the best with perfumes put really wanted to give a go at giving them a little review. I got the set together at duty free after I came back from Tenerife.

First off I love how cute the bottles are except when people think they can juggle them (yup it's happened). They just stand out from my other bottles because the shape it's just adorable to me I am a sucker for cute packaging.

I do prefer the floral one to the original which is unusual for me as I don't really like floral perfumes but it isn't too strong it just gives of a  slight floral smell of it with a mix of just smelling very fresh. I usually carry it about in my handbag and top it up once in the day as it lasts usually a good couple of hours then needs topping up for the rest of the day.
Be Delicious Fresh Blossom // £48.50

The original smells very signature DKNY so gives a strong smell of apple and fruity in general which usually I love but instead I find it overpowering and just not to my scent at all. But over time I may turn to love it so I will keep my hands on it.
Be Delicious Original // 48.50

tried DKNY perfumes before what did you think?
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