Tuesday, 12 August 2014

My Shoe Collection

After seeing recent shoe collection posts from fellow bloggers I thought I join in and show my collection of what I wear on my feet.

 Converse are a staple for me they go with everything and if you can tell my white ones are well loved. I loved that well loved look converse get after a while it just gives them a bit of a edge. I have to admit they do take time to get in I notice when I get a new pair they do give me blisters for the first week or so but after that they are so comfy and I could wear them all the time.

Denim Looking Shoes Primark 
I got these before I went on holiday to Tenerife and they have lasted me so well for Primark shoes since they usually don't last long at all. There is rips in the inside but I can't bring my self to throw them away just yet.  They go so well with jeans rolled up and frilly socks it looks so adorable.

Botas TOMS (Not in Stock Anywhere)
I love wearing these in winter since the inside is so cosy and soft so it keeps my feet warm from the cold. Also the colour really goes well for Autum/Winter so it works perfect. I am not one for animal prints but I can just manage these since it is minimal. 

These are new and I only got them recently and I seriously can't express my love for them they are beautiful and are properly the best boots I have ever got. They go with every outfit dress up or dress down I think a good pair are boots are so worth investing in. My last Topshop boots seen me through two winters compared to any other of my previous boots that have lasted not even through one winter. Plus they just look so sleek and are so comfy and not a pain to take off since the elastic at the side.

These are a new purchase as well and I just can't express my love for them. I have wanted a good pair of Nike's for ages and finally ended up getting them for my birthday. They are so comfy to wear like I feel like I am walking on clouds no joke. They go with if I am doing pilates or just a pair of jeans. Getting a good pair of trainers is something I wish I did ages ago.

  Flats //  New Look Blue // Primark Light Cream // Next Dark Cream
I am not much of a heals wearer I prefer a nice pair of flats they are so much easier to wear and I don't get sore feet from them. The blue one's from New Look are flimsy so I don't wear them to often as I don't want to ruin them but they are cute with the pokadot in the inside. The light cream one's are properly my favourite out of the three they just go with everything and are a lot more fitting than the blue one's so are easier to walk in. The last one's from Next are one's I wear to family events they are so sturdy and the bow is so adorable.

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