Thursday, 28 August 2014

Music of My August

I loved doing this post last month and I have more to share this month keep letting me know if you are loving these posts and any music suggestions let me know I love finding new music. So let's get into it.

Mike Dignam - Beautiful Tragedy
I heard about Mike's music from Tanya Burr's youtube video while it was playing through the video and I ended up watching it a good couple of times to listen to the song. After that I found his youtube and listened to his other songs while they are all amazing as well I still can't get enough of Beautiful Tragedy. It's pretty addictive and just a really easy song to listen to.

Tori Kelly Foreword EP
I can't really remember how I found Tori Kelly's music but I really like it her voice is just really different and nice to listen to. Dear No One is properly my favourite on the EP while they are all good Dear No One just sticks out to me it's just fun but has a lot of meaning behind it which I like.

Betty Who - Somebody Loves You
This is properly the most pop song in the post it's just really fun and good to listen to while you are getting ready as it just wakes you up for the day and it makes me feel all chirpy. It's still the lyric video that is out right now that honestly I usually prefer than the music video something I think the music video can take away the meaning of the song as it could be totally different to the words.

Ella Eyre - Comeback
I just started listening to Ella Eyre's music recently and I wish I knew about it before the girl has an amazing voice on her and all her music sounds amazing. Comeback is a really fuck you song about a boy cheating on her I feel it has that major girl power to it. Also how amazing is her hair I would die for it.

Bastille - Bad_News
I never even knew Bastille was bringing out new music till this popped up in my Youtube sub box and at first I wasn't totally taken on the song but after a good few listens I got into it. I find I do that with a lot of music in general and Bastille is amazing so I knew I would come around to it. I'd say it's pretty different from their other stuff but I really like it.

Ariana Grande - Just a Little Bit of Your Heart 
This isn't a single but I heard it through snippets of Ariana's new album "My Everything". It's a very slow and sweet song and was wrote by Harry Styles which for me was why I was so interested in it. I was waiting to hear something he had wrote by him self and then he had given it to Ariana to sing so I couldn't wait. You can tell it's very personal and Ariana does the song justice amazingly.

hope you liked this post!
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