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Edinbrugh Fringe Festival | Reviews

If you didn't know it was my birthday on the Saturday there (no longer a teenager ahhh) and I went over to Edinbrugh for it since I don't live to far away and the festival is on, so we went to see a few shows and I thought I would give you my run down of the shows I seen if you are maybe going to the festival or are just interested in what's happening.

Bombs,Booze and Haggis

What's the show: Stand-Up Comedy
Where and Time: Espionage - Kasbar 2:15pm
Running till: 24th of August
What I thought: there was about six comedians and they get around a 10 minute slot each to talk. Most get the audience involved with their act so you really feel like a group when you are watching the show which I think makes it really enjoyable.  There was a couple of Irish comedians, an American, a Scot's man and a woman from the Middle East. They all really put their own stamp on their act which gave them a real individuality. The woman was properly the worst out of all the comedians her act wasn't right for the show as she talked about English men and woman and as my Dad said it would have been better if she changed her act around since she was in Scotland which I totally agree with. The rest of the acts were all hilarious I found my self unable to stop laughing as they managed to keep the flow of the audience really well. The area the show is taken place is cramped so make sure you get in early so you get a seat and I have to admit after the fourth comedian you start to get a bit uncomfortable as they aren't the best seats.
Overall rating: 4/5
Price: Free ask for donations

Molland & Sullivan

What's the show: Freestyle Comedy
Where and Time: The Beehive Inn, Grassmarket 4:10pm
Running till: 24th of August
What I thought: I won't go into it to much as it gives their act away a bit but they pick out people in the audience and it really starts from there which at first I wasn't big of but as the show went on it really made the room feel like a group and that for that time is it was like you all knew each other. Thankfully they never picked on me but they did pick my Dad and his partner which by this time I was just hoping my Dad didn't say it's my daughter's birthday as I wasn't up for anyone singing happy birthday to me at all. They connect the audience members with other people in the audience which again brings the group together. By the end they take the pieces of paper you are given when you walk in and have to write a topic that they can talk about and will go through some of the topics that they can work into the part before this into the show to still make everyone involved but give the people who wrote it their own almost joke. The area the show is in is a lot more roomy than the one before and seats are way comfier so you were able to enjoy the show to the best it can be.
Overall rating: 5/5
Price: Free ask for donations

Hope you liked this different type of post the idea just came in my head to do it
Are you thinking of have been to any shows let me know what you thought below!
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