Wednesday, 27 August 2014

August | Monthly Favourites

I haven't done a monthly favourites in what feels like forever one because I haven't been trying a whole lot of new things and I have had other posts planned but I am getting around to it this month and I can't wait to share.

I did a post about this at the start of summer and it really has carried through to the end it's such a beautiful drugstore bronzer it gives that lovely bronzed glow but it's not over powering where it looks to much it's just enough for everyday wear. I also really love the design of the packaging it's just different and doesn't look like make up.

Essie's Fiji £7.99
I wore this through the holiday's I went on and it went with nearly everything I wore. It's such a nice colour not to pink but not to white. It's been raved about for ages so when I finally did get my hands on it  I never stopped applying it really I love the brush for applying it and it lasts a little while till it chips with a good top coat on top.

I did a post about all three sprays recently and said that girligo was my favourite out of all three and I am still loving it. I usually apply it instead of a perfume right now. it just feels a lot fresher on the skin and I notice I don't need to apply it as much. It also looks really cute sitting next to my make up bag since the packaging is so cute.

Buxom Gloss  £12.14
I mentioned this in my Sephora Haul and that I couldn't stop wearing it I am going to do a full review of it soon but it's a brand I have never heard of so out of the lip products I got from Sephora this was the one I was less interested in but when I started wearing it I was so impressed with it. It does make my lips feel cold which was odd at first but now it doesn't bother me it's actually cooling.

Kerastase Conditioner £14.00 (Sale)
Since I have been travelling during Summer I haven't been taking huge bottles of conditioner with me to save room and I noticed straight away after washing my hair with a different conditioner my hair didn't look as healthy or voluminous as it usually does and after coming home and using the Kerastase conditioner again it went back to how it was so I could tell straight away what a difference it makes to my hair.(what a story I rambled there). Basically it's so worth the extra money than a usual conditioner and I honestly don't think I would use any other conditioner now my hair has never been this healthy looking.

New Look Bowler Hat £6.00 (similar)
I have been looking at getting a bowler hat for the longest time and when I seen this one in New Look for only £6 I went for it. It's a soft pink colour and has the lining around the edge and the bow at the side it's just beautiful and will last through each season. I love finding things to style it with so if you have any suggestions leave them down below I would be interested in knowing.

It's not so much of a new favourite as I have read company for ages but they recently announced they are going digital and are stopping their physical copies as a dedicated reader I have never been so disappointed about it. While I am all for the digital community it's sad that it has taken over so much that magazines are getting the worst of it specially when Company really took an interest in bloggers out of any other magazine. I hope it doesn't affect any other magazine other wise what will I read.

I picked up this book randomly in the book sale section in Sainsbury's after the cover pulled me in and I was curious and having a look at the blurb I thought I would give it a go. As you can tell I enjoyed it since it's in my favourites it's about two twins called Lizzie who automatically became my favourite and Penny who move to their Gran's house in London after the Gran get's sick and is in hospital. It's about how they cope with living on their own, their relationships with each other,boys and that it's not easy to become the It Girl.

hope you liked this post!
if you have tried anything I mentioned what did you think and what have you been loving?
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