Sunday, 31 August 2014

3 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

I did a Fitness/Health week posts a while back now and I thought I would give a little update in what I am loving for breakfast and some quick idea's you may want to try.

Yogurt and Fruit
This is my go to breakfast out of the three it's just so easy and quick to make pick a yogurt I like the big ones from Asda and just take a couple spoonfuls out and put them into my bowl. Then add muesli with what ever fruit I have available. I had cranberries, strawberries and a banana and I just cut up the fruit and add it in and that's it easy and fills you up. I notice when I have this I snack way less through out the day so if you are a fellow snacker try this out.

Toast and Fruit
It's so simple that I won't even say much but change what you have on your toast, it's the simple changes to making every day meals healthy so add some fruit, don't use butter you'll notice from the bananas you will get the softer taste butter usually gives. If you want a little treat with it try lemon curd you will be in love with it it's amazing.

Porridge with you guessed it fruit
Porridge is a tricky one because I know people that like it and people look at it and think it looks like the sick from a bad night out but you don't know until you try as my Mum said to me with 99% of fruit (I only liked bananas). You can buy the totally natural porridge oats but if you are like me and in a rush a lot the little packs from Quaker Oats are so handy. On the back of the little packet it also tells you where to pour the milk up to so there is no cleaning measuring jugs you can just pour the milk in the packet then into the bowl when you have enough. You can have any fruit in it you want the same goes for any of the ideas above I actually added some banana after I took the picture as they taste amazing with porridge. This also gives you energy for the day as I notice I rarely snack through the day.

hope you liked this post!
if you know any other idea leave them below and if you want to know my new fitness routine let me know!
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