Tuesday, 29 July 2014

The Palette Collection

I have noticed lately I have turned into a huge palette lover (addict? who knows) so a pallete collection post was needed!

I love using this little palette when I go on holiday perfect colours for a easy look or a smoky eye. 

I'm a huge lover of MUA's products it is so cheap and their quality never disappoints me at all. This palette is also great for travelling as it has two blushes, a bronzer and highlight with it too it saves so much room it's unbelievable. The purple is my favourite in the palette it's pigmentation is lovely

This is my go to palette for a brown or smoky eye looks it has a few dupes in it from the Naked 2 palette which is amazing since it's only £4 compared to the pricer Naked palette. I couldn't rave on enough about this palette (ignore the dent in one colour it was that drastic moment when it wouldn't open and when it did my finger went straight in it we have all done it)

This is the only Naked palette I have out of three and after looking at swatches of the other palettes this was the one for me it has colours I would wear every day and one's I could use at night. I also use tease in the palette for my brows as it matches my brow colour. The pigmentation is incredible for eye shadows Urban Decay knows how to do it.

Soap and Glory Tricks of The Shade // can't find online

This palette was the first one I ever bought I think you can tell from the bright blue that I would never wear now. The pigmentation is okay in this palette while it isn't fantastic it's good for the first palette I bought. I love that it's magnetic so the cover isn't opening by it's self. I don't think I could ever get rid of this baby

What palettes do you have put some suggestions down below
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