Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Products for The Lazy Moisturiser

After I have a shower there is nothing more I want to do than get in my pyjamas and cuddle in bed and forget about moisturising so when I seen these two moisturise quickly I became interested. I was going to do a vs post but I actually really like both.

Vaseline Spray and Go // £4.99 - I have done a post on the Vaseline Spray and Go that you can look at here but I thought I would add a bit on here as well. It is so easy as it says you spray it on where you want it give it a little rub and boom you are done. It doesn't feel sticky or takes a long time dry. If you are not a lover of coconut they have it in scent free or aloe fresh so their is a scent for anyone.  

Nivea In Shower Body Moisturiser // £3.40 - The fact you can do this in the shower just called my name as it is easy to add in to my usual routine in the shower. While I have only been using it recently I have noticed it has made my skin feel so soft and the scent is pretty neutral so anyone could love it.

If you know any other quick moisturisers don't forget to put them down below 
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