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Nail Polishes | Favourites

I haven't done a post on favourites since my concealers and thought today would perfect for my nail varnishes I warn you this was a hard one to decide as like every other girl I own way to much and properly half need putting in the bin because they have separated or the bottle has a tiny bit at the bottom that the brush just won't reach no matter how much I try.

My collection is mainly Essie polishes I did leave a couple out since I don't wear them as much. Lately I have been wearing Fiji the most it's a pretty pinky white colour and is perfect for those days when you want some colour on your nails but nothing bold. It takes a few coats and can be a little bit streaky but after the final coat it is perfect. Lasting time without cracks: 3 days.

Another all time favourite Essie polish is Mojito Madness it is the bright green and was my first Essie polish I bought and still beats any green I have ever bought. I found this gem in TKMax at their beauty bit (totally worth a look get big brands at cheaper price!). It only takes 1 coat if you are lucky due to the big brush on it which I love and it is so bright. Lasting time without cracks: 5 days.
The last two Essie polishes are both more colours I would wear in winter as one is a dark burgundy called Carry On and the other is Case Study a more off brown grey colour. Carry On takes a couple of coats but applies to the nails easily and is not streaky. Lasting time without cracks: 4 days. Case Study is yet again a polish I like to wear when I don't want a bright colour on my nails but want something and battles with Mojito Madness with how easy it applies. Lasting time without cracks: 4 days.

I have mentioned the miniature polish I got with Company Magazine not long a go in a post and I am still so in love with it it's called FOXES . It has a big brush which I was not expecting since it is just a small bottle and applies like a dream. It is a proper creamy pink and makes your nails look like they have been done for you so as a freebie it's pretty fantastic (Company are always adding polishes with their magazine so keep a look out). I have just raved on about it there so much I am going to pain my nails it after I finish writing this. Lasting time without cracks: 5 days

Every girly girl has their favourite pink polish and the Rimmel Rose Libertine is mine. Like all the Rimmel polishes the brush is so easy to use and it only takes 60 seconds to dry and that is totally true. It takes about two coats and you need to take a lot of excess off as it can be a bit watery but if you remember it is perfect. Lasting time without cracks: 5 days. I love this blue colour from Revlon called Dreamer while the brush is not the best it's a beautiful bright blue but not to the point it stands out to much. It can take 3 coats but finishes perfect. Lasting time without cracks: 4 days

I very much stick to dark colours for winter as I have said and there are three that just do it for me along with Carry On. They are Barry M's Vivid Purple a beautiful dark purple with a slight shine to it perfect for winter. The brush is thick like a lot of the Barry M polishes and it applies so easily. Lasting time without cracks: 5 days.
Another dark purple I love is O.P.I's Vesper from the Bond Girls Collection it gives a texture to the nails as it has almost little balls in it that go on the nail and it gives just something different to the nails all together. It looks beautiful with one coat or more it is just up to how you like it to look and the brush is big enough as it easily swipes across the nail. Lasting time without cracks: 5 days
My last dark polish is a beautiful glitter polish Butter London's Chancer first of I love Butter London's packaging it is seriously the nicest. Yet again the brush is big so is easy to apply and can take one coat if you are lucky. Only problem like any glitter polishes it is a pain to remove but its worth it. Lasting time without cracks: 4 days 

What polishes are you loving share some recommendations?
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