Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My Travel Make-up Staples

 I'd like to think I am not bad when taking make up on holiday specially when its a warm climate I am going. Since I don't really want to wear make up because it will just feel heavy and sticky on my skin.

I took my everyday make up bag that I am sure I have mentioned before in a previous post it is from Chase & Wonder but I found it in the Urban Outfitters sale a while back it's so pretty and is big enough.

I try to take mini of products I have when going away so when I remembered I have mini Benefit products I took them I had the PoreFessional,They're Real Mascara,the Hoola Bronzer and the High Beam Highlighter . I have used them previously and basically and most are my holy grail items from Benefit. The mascara is a hard one to remove so I knew it would stay put through the heat,the primer is a good in making my skin feel soft. The bronzer is basically my all time favourite and just had to take it it really helped my skin look naturally bronzed which is what you are after when on holiday. Finally the High Beam Highlighter which I am not totally taken on but since it was a smaller size I thought I would give it another chance

For eyes I took my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette which has every colour I would use pretty much every day for a natural look. I also use Naked 2 in the palette for my brows so it saved me bringing another product. I took the colour tattoo in on and on Bronze from Maybelline for night time to give a darker look. Then for or eye-liner I took the Rimmel Kohl Kajal in nude it helped make my eyes look more awake and fresh.

For my face I did not take a foundation as I found it would be to thick on my skin in the heat. So I took just a concealer to cover any blemishes and under my eyes. The Maybelline Fit Me in fair works well for that I find it's a dupe for my beloved NARS concealer. I also took a powder to help me when I feel my skin is a bit to sticky for my liking the Rimmel Stay Matte ticks the box.

I usually go over the top with the lipstick I take but I stuck to my guns this holiday and only took three
 (that's good right?...). I took two more pinky colours Rimmel 101 and MAC Creme Cup two of my all time favourites. I also took a Nude colour from Rimmel in 113 to either put under the pinks or on it's own when I wasn't in the mood to wear much make up at all.

to much or to little I can never work out if I am overboard what do you think?
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