Sunday, 20 July 2014

My Blogging Organisational Tips

I may be newer to the whole blogging but it doesn't mean I haven't got a few tips for people. When I started I knew I had a ton of ideas for blog posts they usually do pop up just when I go sleep and disappear in the morning (we all get that right?) 

I mentioned that I got this desk planner from paperchase in my haul post a few days ago. First of how pretty is the design on it it's so me. You can write down each day's post which for me is everyday except Friday and Saturday if you didn't know my schedule so it's easy to remember what you writing each day or if you are like me and try and write them before and schedule them. Just under that there is a bit for notes which I put things I want to mention in the post that I might forget which is usually a lot I forget them way to much.

I also got this cute note book from IKEA a while back you get them in different colours to write down any blog post ideas I had when I was busy so I could quickly write it down. It's helpful when you get totally stuck on what to write I just have a look in here and I usually have something in it that works well. The pretty cover pulled me in as well to be honest.

so my tips are plan plan and plan some more you'll notice its a lot more stress free and you enjoy it more.
hope you had a nice weekend and enjoyed this little post
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