Tuesday, 8 July 2014

My Beach/Pool Staples

Hope you all liked my pictures from being away in Tenerife. I thought I would carry the holiday posts on by telling you what I packed in my pool bag. I am very much an over packer when it comes to the pool I just can't help it and basically I aint up for walking all the way back to my room for something I wasn't sure if I needed.

My pool bag is from Primark I never see the point in buying an expensive looking pool bag when mostly it gets ruined lying on the ground. It lasted me well even though I was having trouble with the zipper by the last day but it is all you really need.

Hair bands become your best friend when you are beside the pool specially if you are like me and have thick hair and come out the pool with it sticking to your face (it's not like the movies). I also pack my brush in there as well a little mini one will do if your hair gets knotty. I kept this mini Bumble and Bumble surf spray I got a while back for going away and I kept it in my beach bag after brushing my hair I sprayed a bit in. I wont talk to much about it as I will do a full review on it soon!.

When it comes to make up I go pretty much without specially if I end up in the pool there is no point ( I don't want panda eyes as much as the next person). I just take a concealer in case we go for lunch in the hotel in-between sitting by the pool can you guess what one I take...yes my love the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla it's not heavy on the skin which is perfect when you are somewhere warm and it covers to a medium to high coverage. I also take a Lip balm with an SPF 25 in it because there is nothing worse than burned lips it is pure agony. 

Obviously on holiday a staple is sun scream and after sun and I got two Garnier products. Their new sensitive advanced for fair,sensitive and sun intolerant skin in SPF 50+  is a very liquid consistory so careful not to get it on your clothes or bathing suit like my self it ain't a pretty look but it works well and I didn't feel sticky after applying it.  protecting your skin is so important and I always reapply every at least 2 hours or so to top it up. The after sun I used was their new Hydrating Tan Maintainer this stuff smells amazing as well as helping your tan to develop. Don't be scared of using this every day after you have been out it does not make you look orange it just helps your natural tan and soothes the skin. I always get sore bits from burning on my skin usually but when I used this I did not feel sore specially when wearing a bra and the strap usually hurts like hell. 

To keep my self occupied while sun bathing I usually take a book and a magazine I took Paper Towns by John Green to read and it has become my 2nd favourite from all his books with TFiOS still first Paper Towns coming second and Looking for Alaska third. I'm someone who gets addicted to the story and the characters so I got pretty addicted to Q and Margo's relationship and the friendship group. It is a bit slow at starting I have to admit but once you are into it you will never want to stop. I get Company Magazine every month so I took the issue I had that month with me and read it it's a magazine I don't get bored of and they are so pro bloggers so I have to support.

what are some of your staples for the pool or beach leave them below I would be so interested to see.
hope you enjoyed this post 
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